‘Mumbai’s Dabbawalas’ Case Study

Dabbawalas are the human lunch box carriers of Mumbai. They collect the lunch boxes with freshly cooked food from the houses of office workers and students, deliver it to their individual workplaces and schools. Later on, they return the empty lunch boxes to their residence.  

You must check out these amazing facts about Mumbai’s Dabbawalas 👉🏼
🌟Dabbawalas are not employees but each one of them is a self-employed entrepreneur. 

🌟Dabbawalas are equal shareholders in the Dabbawalas Trust.
🌟About 5000 dabbawalas cover around 70 Sq. Km in and around Mumbai and carry out 400,000 transactions everyday.

🌟Not a single piece of paper is used during this whole process. 

🌟All dabbas have different numbers, colors or other symbols (colour coding system) so the dabbawalas can remember where to deliver a specific dabba.

🌟Dabbawalas performance is brilliant with one error in every 8 million deliveries, or 16 million if you include the return trip.

🌟Forbes magazine has appreciated their efficiency despite the complexity of the process. 

🌟Dabbawalas are mostly illiterate or at least very low educated. An average dabbawala is educated upto 8th grade schooling. 
🌟From Prince Charles to Richard Branson, dabbawalas have won fans all over the world for their management skills. 

🌟Business schools, Universities and Corporate from all over the world invite Dabbawalas to give lecture on their Management skills.
🌟Dabbawalas are certified to the international standard: ISO 9001 in recognition of their reliable quality management system.
🌟Dabbawalas’ is the most environment-friendly enterprise, with zero percent fuel usage, using trains, bicycles and handcarts to get the job done. 


Do you know the Meaning of the Numbers on a PAN Card!

PAN Cards have a 10 digit alphanumeric sequence. Let’s look into what each character of this sequence means:

First 3 Characters

Every PAN card’s first 3 characters represent an alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ.

 4th Character

This 4th character represents the status of a PAN holder, which can be one of the following:

C – Company

P – Person

H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

F — Firm

A — Association of Persons (AOP)

T — AOP (Trust)

B — Body of Individuals (BOI)

L — Local Authority

J — Artificial Juridical Person

G — Government

5th Character

This fifth character of a PAN card is the first letter of:

The surname in the case the status is “P”.

The name of whatever Entity, Trust, Society, Organization, HUF, etc. in all other cases.

6th to 9th Characters

The next four numerals are sequential numbers running from 0001 to 9999.

10th Character

The last digit is an alphabetic check digit which is generated by applying a formula to the preceding nine letters and numbers.


Dangal: Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Dangal is an epic picturisation of an epic real life story. Apt starcast. Hats off to the casting director for finding gems like Fatima Sana Sheikh, Sanya Malhotra and Zaira Wasim. And who is better than Aamir Khan to portray perfection with perfection;) 

Gripping screenplay. You won’t find a moment when the movie goes out of rhythm. 

Wonderful direction of Nitesh Tiwari takes the credit for sound cinema like Dangal. 

Hummable music by Pritam. Songs of Dangal became popular even before the release of the movie. I really enjoyed Haanikark Bapu, Dhakkad and Gilehriyan. 

“National wrestling champion Mahavir Singh Phogat trains her daughters to perfection. Owing to his strict discipline and right technique, her eldest daughter Geeta Phogat wins Gold for India in Commonwealth Games.”

Dangal speaks volumes about training sessions the actors must have gone through. Weight transformation by Aamir Khan. Wrestling bouts of Sana Sheikh. Everything is done to perfection. 

In short, we need meaningful cinema like Dangal to promote sports culture in India. To shrink gender differences. To motivate our youth to channelise their energy towards prestigious achievements. 

WOW! Never knew these Bollywood celebrities are related:) 

Didn’t know but it’s true.

Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter Shweta is married to Raj Kapoor’s daughter Ritu Kapoor Nanda’s son. In this way, Bachchans and Kapoors are close relatives. 

Navya Naveli, Amitabh’s granddaughter, is Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor’s niece:) 

Farhan and Zoya are the children of Honey Irani.

Farah Khan and Sajid Khan are the children of Menaka Irani.

Honey Irani, Menaka Irani and Daisy Irani are real sisters:) 

Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Ramanand Sagar and Ravi Chopra, all are cousins. 
Talent lies in the family;) 

Shabana Azmi is Tabu’s aunt. Interesting:)

 Purab Kohli, Shekhar Kapur and Dev Anand are related. 

Film maker Shekhar Kapur is legendary actor Dev Anand’s nephew and Purab Kohli (actor) is the nephew of Shekhar Kapur. 

Simi Garewal is Aditya and Uday Chopra’s first cousin, making Rani Mukherjee her Bhabhi:)

Amrita Rao’s grandfather and veteran actor Guru Dutt were second cousins. 

This way, Guru Dutt is Amrita’s distant grandfather:) 

Sanjay Dutt is Kumar Gaurav’s brother in law!

Kumar Gaurav is married to Sunil Dutt’s daughter, Namrata . It makes Sanjay Dutt, bro-in-law of the ‘Love Story’ actor Kumar Gaurav:) 

The renowned director Mani Ratanam is married to Suhasini, who is the daughter of Kamal Hasan’s brother. 

Music directors Sajid-Wajid and yesteryear’s singer & actress Salma Agha are maternal cousins:) 

Human Engineering 



   Pride, Patriotism and Youth make a happening mocktail. In the recent years, this formula has been leveraged with utmost precision and success with movies like ‘Chak De India’, ‘Sultan’ and ‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’ doing a roaring business across the globe. The combo of these three seductive elements takes the audience into a different orbit where one experiences joy, pain and the elusive urge to evolve and grow. Here it would be most befitting to make a special mention of the Bollywood ‘Khans’ whose charisma and energy is simply palatable, infectious and one that leaves a lingering spirit of achievement and boundarylessness.         In today’s world where the faceless mechanistic approach is witnessed all through, the above recipe provides us with succour that is akin to a new zestful way of life and a spiritual upliftment that marks the beginning of a soulful journey never experienced earlier. 

       May be this offers all our sportspersons an infallible formula to international acclaim; something the world recognises as ‘Being In The Zone’ 

Hello God! Are you there? 

God. Unseen and Unheard. 

God. A belief. Strong or mild.

God. Does God really exist?

    🍀The big question answered by many but is still open to debate.   

    🍀The question with diverse answers arouses curiosity in many. 

     🍀The question travels through minds and finds answer in hearts. 

    🍀Let’s see if your concept is compatible with my version:)

      🌺The question is not whether God exists or not. There has to be some affinity that binds living things together. An unknown, unseen force that takes control of each phenomenon in this universe. And this particular force is named as God! Stronger Our belief in God, the shine of hope is brighter….. This is what we need to achieve something in life:) 

In my view, God is a faith than a physical entity. Stronger the faith, better is your life.


LG V20: Exclusive Review

LG V20 is launched and I’m pretty much excited to share its features with you. Quite durable, Sleek LG V20 has a metal body and Si-PC material employed in each corner realize perfect durability for whatever life drop.

With high resolution of 1440×2560 pixels, 4GB RAM,  Android 7.0, Storage of 32GB, Rear Camera 16-megapixel and battery capacity of 3200mAh LG V20 is the phone to die for. 

What I loved about the LGV20 is its 3 High AOP (Acoustic Overload Point) Mics that allow to record loud scenes at sporting events without cheering fans distorting the sound. 

That means LG V20 allows lossless audio format with Hi-Fi Recording. Wonderful! Isn’t it? Professional sound recording with a hone is my dream come true. 

What more, One can customise video and sound according to his requirements.   

Another feature that caught my attention is Hybrid Auto Focus

LG V20 utilizes LDAF (Laser Detection Auto Focus), PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) and Contrast AF technologies to capture every moment of fun. No matter whether it’s dim light or weather mood swings;)  
Tuned by B&O play, the LG V20 smartphone with B&O play earphones is an audiophile’s desire designed to perfection. 

One design feature that makes the V20 unique in the premium handset space is the fact that its metal back is easily removable by pressing a small button on the side. This reveals a consumer-friendly removable battery and the SIM and microSD card slot. 


Even more impressive is the wide angle feature. It provides unique and interesting photos with a slight fish-eye look that give you the extremely satisfying feeling of fully capturing all that you can see. In fact, it’s actually capable of capturing more than you can see.

My verdict is that the multi-utility LG V20 should be bagged as a precious possession. Killer looks and features to die for, LG V20 is exclusively available on Amazon

*Upgrade to #LGV20 smartphone & get Rs. 20,000 assured buy back. 
*Get a free B&O earphones & back cover.  

LG V20 (Titan, 64GB) – 
Rs. 54,999/ 

Points to self 

Points to self

🎉* It is how you define happiness, makes all the difference. 

🎉* No two humans are same.

🎉* Don’t expect same fortune for you as others display.


🎉* Your achievement has nothing to do with what someone else has achieved.

🎉* To some extent, talent accelerates your journey to success but it is not necessary.

🎉* Talent comes second to hard work.

🎉* The distance to finishing line is different for different people.

🎉* Money is not equivalent to happiness.

🎉* Happiness is a vague concept. What you find worth being happy may be a matter of annoyance to someone else. 

🎉* Speak to yourself and find how you define happiness.

🎉* Work towards the happiness defined by your heart. 

🎉* Money, contrary to as you think, may not bring satisfaction to you. 

🎉* Stop giving undue importance to materialistic things & celebrate human relations. 

🎉* Life is short. Find shortcut to happiness:) 

Go Cashless: Everything you want to know about Digital mobile wallets

Demonetisation has triggered the use of digital mobile wallets in India and everybody is eager to know about them.
A digital wallet is an electronic device that lets you to make e-commerce transactions like purchasing items online using your computer or smartphone. You can add money to digital wallet account to get special benefits and link your bank account or store your credit/debit card information for faster transaction. 

These are some popular options for digital wallets





🌟Airtel Money

🌟Oxigen Wallet

🌟HDFC PayZapp

🌟Pockets by ICICI bank

🌟SBI Buddy




1) Paytm 

Paytm is just not confined to selling products to customers, it is one name that is also well-known in the digital wallet space. Being a popular name in e-commerce industry, it provides secure means to store money and travel cashless. Now, it has introduced some of the whopping discount and cashback schemes for the customers who add money to this digital wallet. You can avail these offers by simply using coupon codes while adding money to this wallet through your debit cards or net banking services of any banks in India or making transactions using it.

2) PayUmoney Wallet

PayUmoney Wallet ensures customers 1% extra discount or reward for paying through them. With PayUmoney, save everytime on your online shopping. It securely stores your card details for faster checkout.

3) MobiKwik 


With money loaded in your MobiKwik wallet, it takes seconds to make phone and DTH recharges!



Don’t want to use cards or net banking? Add money to your wallet via a cash deposit in bank. Better yet, get it picked up from your doorstep!



With MobiKwik on your phone, enjoy over 1,00,000+ shopping options and earn big cashbacks and discounts in the process!

4) Citrus Pay Wallet

Citrus is a mobile wallet which allows you to manage fund transferring and requesting process in a single tap. The cash present in your Citrus Wallet Can be used for various purposes like to recharge mobile, DTH, data card or shop online and much more. Citrus Cash App allows you to split bills with your friends when you are eating out.

5) Airtel Money

Airtel Money app is not just a mobile wallet; it has some of the best features the you can find nowhere else. You can get exclusive offers for extra savings. Just shake your phone to check the exciting coupons and deals available.

Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen Wallet is one of the oldest payment industry. Recently it has introduced its digital wallet, which is also highly popular among customers. You can do all your online transactions through it.

Get instant recharges, bill payment & money transfer through POS machines at over 500,000+ retail outlets.

 Oxigen Wallet can be operated through your mobile phones and desktop. 

7)  HDFC Bank PayZapp

HDFC Bank PayZapp has been a complete payment solution for paying in just One Click. With HDFC Bank PayZapp, you can shop on your mobile, recharge and pay bills of mobile, data card and DTH, compare and buy flight tickets and book hotel rooms, etc., with great discounts. Just link your cards to this App and enjoy the most convenient way of online payments.

8) Pockets By ICICI Bank

Pockets by ICICI Bank – One Wallet Endless Possibilities. With Pockets, you instantly get a free VISA card that can be used for shopping at online websites and at retail stores even if you are not a ICICI Bank customer.

9) SBI Buddy

State Bank Buddy

It comes with several features like Send Money to registered and new users, Ask Money and Send reminders to settle dues, transfer additional cash to account of your choice free of cost, recharge & pay bills instantly, book movie tickets, flight & hotel and shop for your favourite merchandise. 

10) mRupee

mRUPEE mobile wallet transforms your mobile phone into your personal payment device. Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, postpaid and landline payments, electricity and gas bills are some of the many transactions you can do with mRUPEE mobile wallet. 

11) Freecharge Wallet 
FreeCharge Wallet – the fastest mobile app for online recharge & bill payments. Not just easy, safe and secure, it is quick. Pay for your prepaid mobile recharges, postpaid mobile bill, electricity bill landline bills, data card & utility bill payments in under 10 seconds. 

12) JioMoney

JioMoney is simple & secure one-app solution to your everyday transactions on the go. Do Mobile/DTH recharge, pay bills, send or receive money, pay premium or manage your accounts. Its as convenient as flipping of your finger.

It’s time to go cashless & make way for digital India.