Are you doing your Whatsapp right? ✔️

Little did I know,

When I downloaded the WhatsApp,

More than casual chat, 

It is a virtual trap.


I started off sending messages,

Dedicated from tip to toe, 

Never knew it would trigger, 

Only my personal woes!

Weird it is to read, 

Every message and reply,

When I enter groups, 

Whom I think my thoughts ‘comply’.

They blindly forward messages, 

They themselves haven’t read!

Believe me it is the same ‘Sharing is caring’,

My parents always said.

At times I get the message, 

Blackmailing me to forward to twenty of my contacts,

Else I’d have to face wrath of the ultimate one!

How could they expect a Whatsapp newbie,

To have twenty Whatsapp contacts first of all?

Icing on the cake was still to come,

When I got to know the other guy,

Could check the moment