Are you doing your Whatsapp right? ✔️

Little did I know,

When I downloaded the WhatsApp,

More than casual chat, 

It is a virtual trap.


I started off sending messages,

Dedicated from tip to toe, 

Never knew it would trigger, 

Only my personal woes!

Weird it is to read, 

Every message and reply,

When I enter groups, 

Whom I think my thoughts ‘comply’.

They blindly forward messages, 

They themselves haven’t read!

Believe me it is the same ‘Sharing is caring’,

My parents always said.

At times I get the message, 

Blackmailing me to forward to twenty of my contacts,

Else I’d have to face wrath of the ultimate one!

How could they expect a Whatsapp newbie,

To have twenty Whatsapp contacts first of all?

Icing on the cake was still to come,

When I got to know the other guy,

Could check the moment



Fear to open your petals O’dainty bud.. 

Fear to open your petals O’dainty bud

In this cruel world of terror

Guns don’t spare roses

Dreams are always shattered.

Leave not the secure shield of earth,

O’ slender sapling

Lie unaware in her lap

Rough are the terrains,you wish to explore. 

Beware as you peep outta shell

O’whitey pearl

Hopes are met with deception

Endurance is judged by severest of elements… 

Bleed My Heart

Bleed my heart. You bleed.

For the divine intervention you seek.

For severity of thoughts you reap.

Bleed my heart. You bleed. 


Smile for today doesn’t remember yesterday.


Laugh for they would never reach your depth.

Enclose yourself in the bubble they’d never creep in.

Bleed my heart.

World is not going to change for you.

You’re to change for the world.

If this is the only truth,

Go behind the scene…

Bleed my heart. You bleed.