Delectable Foods of India (Part 1) 


              In my coming blog posts, I’m going to share some of the delectable foods found in India. These sinful temptations are hard to ignore. Celebrate the occasion called life with these sumptuous treats with me😋😋😋

          Being a self confessed foodie, I’m always in search of an opportunity to indulge in these irresistible blessings…!

If you share my taste for food, join me in my journey. Welcome🙏🏻

Today is the day to share my love for Raj Kachori😍

       Outer edible crisp bowl is filled with plenty of healthy and tasty filling. From lentils to promgranate to veggies to bhallas ( fried balls of soaked lentils) everything gets a complete look with loads of yogurt, sev and spicy sauces😇
Green and red sauces with yogurt get absorbed in the whole stuff and the outcome is mind-blowing😍😋


If you want to indulge in truly Indian yet less spicy (or sticky) food, Raj Kachori is the best option! 

Believe me, Raj Kachori is just apt to make any occasion special. 
Edit: I’m not going to share the recipes as I believe in eating out where best of this stuff is found!!;) 

For me, the best place to relish a Raj Kachori is Haldiram’s. 

Here are the nutritional facts about Haldiram’s Raj Kachori. Miss it at your own loss:D 

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