A self-proclaimed secular nation like India now wants  #OneNationOneLaw! Can you afford to fulfil this dream without communal riots? People have been given an impression that India is a broad minded nation who allows everyone to follow his religious fundamentals. At this juncture when Muslims are already feeling insecure, what’s the point in announcing  #OneNationOneLaw?

Do you want India to become another Pakistan? 


Painting a new poem on the canvas of life…


I feel like 

Breaking shackles of confinement.

Feel like

Painting a new poem on the canvas of life


Creating a whole new world of happiness 


Eliminating  differences of all kind.


To experience 

How it is 

To live in the land of peace and hope 

How it is 

To wake up to all faces bright and cheerful

How it is 

To live in harmony!

It is


The day will come

When I could see everyone smile 

Day will come

When differences will tear apart 

The Day

Will be the beginning of new era!