My Excuses for NOT Writing a Blog Post!! 

Every time I think of writing a blog post, I’m confused. 

‘What should I write?’

I enjoy people writing about various things. From fashion to technology to travel, all sorts are worth drooling over. 

But when it comes to writing myself,  I’m like a foolish person. There are many things that come to my mind. 

1. What should be the title?

2. Which age group should I target?

3. How to get the pictures?

4. Some catchy words? 

5. What this what that….

6. Blah

7. Blah

8. Blah

9. And the last but not the least- the AUDIENCE! Who is going to read my stuff and why would they?


 Many excuses. These are sufficient to make me abandon my work;) 

1. Publishing a blog would mean a greater responsibility to get interactions. Otherwise the hard work you put in while writing the post will go in vain.

 2. Secondly, I get ideas to write when I’m busy doing one thing or the other. And when I sit down to write, all ideas get diluted. The passion fades away and whatever I write goes to trash. 
3. Another reason seems to be my over indulgence in social media. I get carried away by online stories only to deprive myself of the precious time;) 

4. And my unborn ‘creations’ just refuse to take off 😀 

….Simple as that but ridiculously unbelievable. No? You don’t think it’s unbelievable?

Hmmmmm your story seems to resemble mine. Feel free to share your excuses in the comment section 😀 


Selfie Contest with #TigorStyleBack twist! 

When Tata Motors launches a new vehicle, social media is abuzz with excitement. It justifies the quality and assurance Tata vehicles provide to the customers. Tata Motors Tigor is here and we are ready to witness the perfection on four wheels:)


Tata Tigor Styleback is the latest offering from Tata Motors that features an unbeatable combination of style and substance. With awesome features and cool price tag, it’s bound to capture attention of one and all. 

Cherry on the cake is the #TigorStyleBack contest run by Tata Motors. 

Your rendezvous with Tata Tigor may turn out to be a winning moment where you can win Zara styling vouchers by sharing a selfie with Tata Tigor on social platforms. The idea is “WHY TO CLICK JUST A SELFIE, WHEN YOU CAN UP YOUR STYLE QUOTIENT BY CLICKING A TIGOR-FIE!”

Below are the rituals you need to follow: 

1) Visit the nearest Tata Motors showroom. 

2) Spot the stylish Tata Tigor.

3) Style, Smile, Pout. 

4) Do whatever you can do and come out with a stylish selfie with the amazing Tigor! 

5) Who knows, you may be the next winner to get the styling vouchers by Zara:)

A great opportunity for selfie lovers, you won’t miss clicking the stylefie with cool Tata Tigor! Hurry up & spot Tata Tigor at your nearest Tata Motors showroom to click a Tigor-fie and win:) 

Bharatpur: India: Where Birds Dare 🐦 

It was last weekend and weather was tempting. I so wished for a memorable weekend trip. Wishes do come true when you try with all your resources.  Thus happened my trip to Bharatpur. 

Bharatpur is just 180 Km from my place. The place is famous for Keoladeo National Park ( A UNESCO’s World Heritage Site). It lies on the Golden Tourism Triangle of Delhi–Jaipur–Agra and hence a large number of national and international tourists visit Bharatpur every year.

We booked a 3* hotel ‘The Bagh’ in Bharatpur and checked in Saturday afternoon.  We were told that the bird sanctuary closes at 5:30 pm. So we opted to visit the sanctuary the next morning. Saturday evening was spent in the hotel. Far from my imagination, the hotel itself housed a number of birds. Peacocks. Peahens. Wild cocks and hens. 

Amidst forest bliss, Bharatpur is a visual treat everywhere. Calm and serene. The only voice you’d hear is the chattering Of birds:) 

Sunday was the day:)

We started off at 7 in the morning. Equipped with our cameras and binoculars. (Later we found that our low power binoculars were of no use in watching far-off birds)  

It was our first visit to a Bird Sanctuary, we were excited beyond limits;)

At the entrance of Keoladeo National Park, there were rickshaws and bicycles 🚴 for hiring. We realised that exploring the 5 kilometre place without a conveyance was not possible. We hired a guide who was equipped with a powerful telescope. The magical journey to the Bird Sanctuary began:)

The Bird Park being natural habitat of birds, is the witness to natural activities birds are engaged in. How birds pray, how birds sleep, how birds perch and how birds take flights. The movement of birds was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Thanks to our guide, we could watch and click distant birds. The guide was so talented that he could spot the birds with their chirps! 

Sharing some beautiful pics with you:) 

Are you doing your Whatsapp right? ✔️

Little did I know,

When I downloaded the WhatsApp,

More than casual chat, 

It is a virtual trap.


I started off sending messages,

Dedicated from tip to toe, 

Never knew it would trigger, 

Only my personal woes!

Weird it is to read, 

Every message and reply,

When I enter groups, 

Whom I think my thoughts ‘comply’.

They blindly forward messages, 

They themselves haven’t read!

Believe me it is the same ‘Sharing is caring’,

My parents always said.

At times I get the message, 

Blackmailing me to forward to twenty of my contacts,

Else I’d have to face wrath of the ultimate one!

How could they expect a Whatsapp newbie,

To have twenty Whatsapp contacts first of all?

Icing on the cake was still to come,

When I got to know the other guy,

Could check the moment


Fear to open your petals O’dainty bud.. 

Fear to open your petals O’dainty bud

In this cruel world of terror

Guns don’t spare roses

Dreams are always shattered.

Leave not the secure shield of earth,

O’ slender sapling

Lie unaware in her lap

Rough are the terrains,you wish to explore. 

Beware as you peep outta shell

O’whitey pearl

Hopes are met with deception

Endurance is judged by severest of elements… 

Bleed My Heart

Bleed my heart. You bleed.

For the divine intervention you seek.

For severity of thoughts you reap.

Bleed my heart. You bleed. 


Smile for today doesn’t remember yesterday.


Laugh for they would never reach your depth.

Enclose yourself in the bubble they’d never creep in.

Bleed my heart.

World is not going to change for you.

You’re to change for the world.

If this is the only truth,

Go behind the scene…

Bleed my heart. You bleed.

 Why do people like your post?

Wonder why random people like random tweets. Feels awkward why some people are obsessed with liking posts.  I found that different people use ‘likes’ for different purposes. Here are some of them listed below: 


1) Like Showing Appreciation: 

A like is the simplest yet most effective way to say ,”I like this tweet/post!” This is the purest form in which a ‘like’ can be used:D 

 2) Like as Bookmark to tweets: 

Some people like tweets just for future reference. It could be anything from entertaining posts to useful guides. 

3) Automated likes:

 Some brands will set up bots to monitor certain hashtag uses, keywords, or other Twitter search results, looking for new content. When that content appears, the bot will like the post. It is an automated process.

4) Like as Acknowledgement:

Sometimes a like is a way to show that “I saw your post!” It usually happens when the liker have nothing to say to continue the post.

5) Like Showing Support:

A like,  many times, is a gesture showing support to your friend, colleague or may be a crush.

6) Like Seeking Followers:

Random people like random tweets in the hope the person who gets the likes might visit their timeline and follow them;) 

 7) Like as Contest Rule

Sometimes while participating in a contest, one has to Retweet and/or Like tweets. 

8) Please-Notice-Me-Like: 

Some likes are innocent 😇. The liker just wants you to notice him. That’s it;) 

‘Mumbai’s Dabbawalas’ Case Study

Dabbawalas are the human lunch box carriers of Mumbai. They collect the lunch boxes with freshly cooked food from the houses of office workers and students, deliver it to their individual workplaces and schools. Later on, they return the empty lunch boxes to their residence.  

You must check out these amazing facts about Mumbai’s Dabbawalas 👉🏼
🌟Dabbawalas are not employees but each one of them is a self-employed entrepreneur. 

🌟Dabbawalas are equal shareholders in the Dabbawalas Trust.
🌟About 5000 dabbawalas cover around 70 Sq. Km in and around Mumbai and carry out 400,000 transactions everyday.

🌟Not a single piece of paper is used during this whole process. 

🌟All dabbas have different numbers, colors or other symbols (colour coding system) so the dabbawalas can remember where to deliver a specific dabba.

🌟Dabbawalas performance is brilliant with one error in every 8 million deliveries, or 16 million if you include the return trip.

🌟Forbes magazine has appreciated their efficiency despite the complexity of the process. 

🌟Dabbawalas are mostly illiterate or at least very low educated. An average dabbawala is educated upto 8th grade schooling. 
🌟From Prince Charles to Richard Branson, dabbawalas have won fans all over the world for their management skills. 

🌟Business schools, Universities and Corporate from all over the world invite Dabbawalas to give lecture on their Management skills.
🌟Dabbawalas are certified to the international standard: ISO 9001 in recognition of their reliable quality management system.
🌟Dabbawalas’ is the most environment-friendly enterprise, with zero percent fuel usage, using trains, bicycles and handcarts to get the job done. 

Do you know the Meaning of the Numbers on a PAN Card!

PAN Cards have a 10 digit alphanumeric sequence. Let’s look into what each character of this sequence means:

First 3 Characters

Every PAN card’s first 3 characters represent an alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ.

 4th Character

This 4th character represents the status of a PAN holder, which can be one of the following:

C – Company

P – Person

H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

F — Firm

A — Association of Persons (AOP)

T — AOP (Trust)

B — Body of Individuals (BOI)

L — Local Authority

J — Artificial Juridical Person

G — Government

5th Character

This fifth character of a PAN card is the first letter of:

The surname in the case the status is “P”.

The name of whatever Entity, Trust, Society, Organization, HUF, etc. in all other cases.

6th to 9th Characters

The next four numerals are sequential numbers running from 0001 to 9999.

10th Character

The last digit is an alphabetic check digit which is generated by applying a formula to the preceding nine letters and numbers.